Achieve synchronization of mail dirs by locally observing changes and forwarding them to the peers (typically accounts of the same human user on different machines) in the network. It is a requirement that the network of peers form a connected acyclic graph. In this way, it is enough to forward locally-observed changes to the direct neighbors and, upon receiving a change notification, apply it locally and forward it to all peers except the one received from.

Notification of neighboring peers is done in an asynchronous manner and can happen by any means of data transfer, including manually porting a thumb drive. Typically, however, it is done via ssh and during a call notifications are exchanged in both directions, regardless of which peer initiated the connection.

More details on usage and set up of the network can be found in the man page.

mail-sync is a complete reimplementation of an older collection of scripts doing diff/patch for mail dirs. It can be freely used and distributed under the terms of a 2-clause BSD-style license.


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